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The best day of my life
My name is KAte.
I would like to describe you my the best of every day. it was my 18th birthday. I must talk you that I was very happy in this day.
When i stand in the morning my mother is waiting for me in the kitchen with a birthday cake'. i was vry suprised, because i thinked that everybody forgot about this - important for me - day.
Really, them i wil must go to school, but in school my friend also have the many presents for me. it was fantastic, because i don't know do they will be forget about my birtday. after school i invited my all clasmates to my home and i make a fantastic birthday party.
i would like to tal that it was the best of birthday party on whch i was - talk one of the guet. it was very nice.
There was the best day of my live