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Bardzo proszę o pomoc w napisaniu listu


"Write an informal thank-you letter of 120-150 words. Use the plan to help you.

Paragraph 1
- Say thank you. Say what the present is and say something about it: What's it like? Why do you like it? Have you used it?

Paragraph 2
- Say what you did on the special occasion. Say what other presents you received.

Paragraph 3
- Say thank you again"

Chodzi mi o to aby znalazł się tutaj opis prezentu który dostałem np. na urodziny od koleżanki czy kolegi (dziękuję za niego)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Paweł
I'm writeing to you to thank you for your present. You had a great idea with this ipod. It's perfect! It has got a lot of accesories like radio or games. I've already sent some songs on it from my computer. They sounds really nice. It's got a great coulor too because I like black.
Your presnt wasn't the only witch I got on birthday. My family and other friends give me some too but your is the best! I got some CDs, computer games and money. You should wish you could come on my birthday party. We were danceing, playing games and had a lot of fun.
Thank you again. I really love this ipod! I have a hope that you'll came on my birthay next year.
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