Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last time I was on opera in direction of mikolay Grabowskiego „ awful court (manor) ” Stanisława Moniuszki. This event nicely in national opera of great theater in warsaw place. When curtains around table in beautiful (fine) apparels draw aside see many people piled, which (who) in breasts breath zapierały. I had impression as if actors really have been transmitted (rescheduled) from that (those) epoch on stage of theater directly. Manner of moving , gestures, everything it answered my imagination about gentry in first half (hunt) facial expression XVIII century. It walk in some stages scenography poor, however, it returned mood of place completely, share (action) was played in (to) which (who). Some requisites and elements of decorations sticked in memory very me. Images (offenses) have returned my particular note, and great, old clock in (to) court (manor) kalinowskim. For I great weight as had recipient (receiver) game of light, it was possible to identify due to her (it) about many with in opera better „ climate ” place appeared (show). When first songs of actors power of voice resound impress me . They fulfilled (perform) whole hall of theater, that for I as there was vocal talents person amazing not bestowed . During seat in arm-chair (office), suddenly < snap > I have realized under great impression, that I do not understand majority pop-up word according to singers. I regretted moments, that they are not displayed inscriptions over stage for foreigners in our native language. I must ascertain with distress (trouble), that it oppressed me by whole opera. There was as thick coat of (layer of) dust for I on exhibition article in (to) museum whole has darkened introduced (presented) work - beautiful (fine) < beauty >. Fine music (musician; composer) has saved honor of opera on luck. Conductor of jacek has led (has driven) for soul of recipient (receiver) sounds of orchestras directly Kaspszak. It was able to charm ears beautiful (fine) diversity, differentiated sounds, which (who) caused, that it was forgotten about all. Music (musician; composer) become king and queen of whole opera it ruled house (audience) - equal, as well as actors.