Complete the sentences with the infinitive or - ing from of the verbs in the box
be, chat, feel, pass, help, pay, study, wait
1 my dad is really kinf.He always offers _______ people.
2 I`m quite optimistic. I usually expect _____ my esams.
3. My friend Sarah is really impatient. She cant stand _____.
4 Sammy is really generous. He always offers _____.
5. Jane is very hard-working. She doesn`t mind ______ for hours.
6. I`m very ambitions. I often imagine _____ rich and famous.
7. Mark is so talkative! He keeps ____even when nobody is listening !
8. My sister is so shy. She can`t help ______ nervous when a boy talks to her.



1. pay
2. passing
3. waiting
4. help
5. study
6. (to) be
7. chatting
8. feeling

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