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Hallo ,

I'm a student from Poland. I'm looking for a job. I'd like to find a seasonal job in London . I can do all kinds of tiding and cleaning works. I'm experienced in looking after children.I've been working as babysitter for 6 months. I need this job , because I haven't money for my new books and bus tickets. I have very difficult situation now. I 'd like to starting job February or March. Thank you very much.

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ear Sir /Madam,

I am writing to apply for the position of waitress/ barmaid. Having worked in this profession, I am strongly convinced that my former experience and competence will be of great value for your business.
For the last few years I have been consistently developing my skills and experience of working in various employment environments. During my studies I was involved in restaurants like Pizza Hut or McDonald's and I was also given an opportunity to work as hostess in many promotion and galas. My experience of working for various companies over the years made me oriented and open-minded person eager to learn new things and striving for continued excellence. Irrespective of my age and short experience, I am able to contribute in the same matter to the success of your business. I believe speaking fluently English and German would be a great asset while working as barmaid. Moreover my professional experience allows me to motivate other workers effectively. I have always a struggle to confront problems and have skills of solving them. I am a responsible and at the same time spontaneous person and have been recognized as one who embraces creativity and new ideas. I am strongly convinced that my background is in perfect line with your current needs and that I can apply my knowledge and skills to the position.
For more detailed information please refer to my enclosed resume. I am eager to further discuss my qualifications during the interview. Thank you in advance for your generous consideration.