Odpowiedz na pytania . Do kazdego po 6 zdan.
1.If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go to?
2. If you could meet a famous person , who would you choose?
3. If someone gave 500 £ , what would you buy?
4.If you could, what would you change about your apperance?
5. If you were prime minister or president , what would you change first?
Prosze jak najszybciej . Zeby było z sensem



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I'd go to Switzerland, because I heard it's a beautiful country. Especially in winter there's a lot of things to do. Amazing views, wooden houses, snow... It's my dream. I want to know something about this country and see monuments. I hope I'll visit it soon.

2. I'd choose Joanna Osyda. She played in serial "Majka" and she is my favourite film heroine. I like making photos - like she. I think we could make friends with each other. She's great actress and also very nice person. I hope I'll meet her some day.

3. I would buy a camera, because I very like making photos. Then I could photograph everything I want. I need it now, cause I haven't good equipment. It could be small camera, but it must make photos of good quality. I think I'm good photographer, so it will be useful for me.

4. I would change my nose. It could be smaller. And I'm too fat. I wanted to be slim, like models. I could change also my tan. I wanted to be suntanned.

5. I'd change roads in Poland, economy and many many other things. I could lead in prescription about bad treatment of animals.