Napiszcie mi proszę pocztówkę w języku angielskim mogę ją pisać do koleżanki albo kolegi... Mogę podać wam przykład z książki ale musicie go trochę zmienić:

Hi Rachel,
I'm having a fantastic time in Paris. Zeki's family are really nice. Yesterday, we saw Notre Dame Cathedral - am amazing bulding! We went on a fantastastic boat trip, too. The Louvre was a bit boring - I'm not into art. I didn't like the Eiffel Tower - I can't stand heights! We went to Parc Asterix today and the rides were great. The weather's good. How are you? This morning, Zeki got a text message from Tania. Did you know she and Bart split up? See you next week!




Hi adam
In England it is wonderful. I met a lot of cool people. Together with my aunt, sister and uncle ride at various cool places. In total, me and my sister most like the shopping. It is not so good I am in poland. I can not wait to come back and finally you see.
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Hi Kate,
How are You? I'm having a great time in Mallorca. This is beautiful island. The sun shines all the time. People are really nice.
Yesterday I saw a Cathedral of Mallorca in Pallma Mallorca City. It is so high. I saw amazing lanscapes from that cathedral, blue sea, a lot of boats and setting sun.
I have met handsome boy.His name is Tom. He stays at the same hotel like me. Maybe we will be couple? It will great news.
What about your holiday? What with Jake?
With love,

Jakbys miala pytania pisz prywatne :)