Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The volleyball is known in every world. People are playing it for ages. this game is taking place between people, she is building relations. At schools even children are playing it. on television matches are often shown.The volleyball is popular because it is straight and interesting game. Everyone play in world has his team siatkarską. are these are women and men. coaches are preparing them. and later on championships they are meeting and they are playing for the victory. First in history the match of the volleyball was held in 1896 in the USA. teams being composed of five players appeared in the meeting - for the game balls were used about the weight of 340 grams, and the tennis net was hung at 213 cm level. During this first match also a name of the volleyball arose "volley ball". This name entertained one another universally, and with time she converted "volleyball" into one word. Polish volleyball players established the first international contacts at the turn of years 30 - of the ones with teams around Czechosłowacji and of Estonia. The volleyball from before years was a very straight game and it won her more and more supporters. The game which rose beyond the ocean became very popular in Europe, she gained more and more supporters in Asia which in the short time happened siatkarską with power, however lost on the popularity in her homeland - the United States, where they were fascinated by an more American football, a baseball, or a hockey.