Vancouver is located between the ocean and the mountains przykrytymi czapami snow. Dazzling center occupies a narrow peninsula on the north side adjacent to the Burrard Inlet, and on the west side coated Polski Bay waters. Southern boundary is the False Creek.
The main part of the city stretches as far south as the Fraser River. It is a bustling port, with idyllic beaches and the docks, great parks, skyscrapers across the Burrard Inlet, which lies a vibrant residential neighborhoods North and West Vancouver. For suburban neighborhoods springing up the steep, wooded slopes of the Coastal Mountains. They form a contrasting background for the silhouettes of buildings in the center. Not surprisingly, that here was made by Greenpeace.

Vancouver residents (1.9 million) maximum use of unique location of the city. After a short journey can be found in the middle of wild land in the hinterland. Like the tourists, sailing, swimming, fishing, travel, skiing, playing golf or tennis - has something for everyone. In Vancouver there is a world-class museum and an excellent symphony orchestra, opera acting, theater and ballet. In summer many festivals take place.

The city also has its drawbacks. Its development is based primarily on the activities of the port where the goods are being transported from the hinterland - wood, wheat and minerals. Transhipped here more dry tonnage than in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, San Francisco and San Diego combined. The Port of Vancouver, called because of the location of the gateway to the Far East, plays a key role in new global markets, Pacific Rim. To the prosperity of the city contributed to the inflow of immigrants. In the past decade attracted many Chinese from Hong Kong (so-called "yacht people"), which has boosted real estate prices and a slightly changed the face of the city, before being ethnically integrated metropolis.

Most of the first immigrants settled in Chinatown, one of the numerous ethnic enclaves (areas are also Italian, Greek, Indian and Japanese). Modern and elegant, the city became freshness. At the same time, however, highlighted the neglected eastern districts, inhabited by poor immigrants from around the world. Low rents and cosmopolitan young unexpectedly led to a counter-cultural phenomenon, which is testimony to restaurants, shops, used clothes, avant-garde galleries, clubs and bars.

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Vancouver – the city in western Canada, in province British Colombia, near going away of river the Fraser to Pacific Ocean. The final station of transcontinental Railway the Transkanadyjskiej.

City has 545 occupants' tys. (2001). Municipal team has occupants' 1,987 million (2001). It is to size third what the city of Canada after Toronto and Montrealu. There in 2010 city is the farmer of Winter Olympian Games. It unrolled as city Vancouver from among many the whalers', bases different small harbours and the settlings of lumbermen of western coast Canada. It decided about this the convenient position of harbour and the taking the railway line. The harbour is the most important place also contemporarily and the heart of whole agglomeration. Though city is not the capital of British Colombia, many offices of administration of province have in him his seats.

Vancouver – miasto w zachodniej Kanadzie, w prowincji Kolumbia Brytyjska, przy ujściu rzeki Fraser do Pacyfiku. Stacja końcowa transkontynentalnej Kolei Transkanadyjskiej.

Miasto ma 545 tys. mieszkańców (2001). Zespół miejski ma 1,987 mln mieszkańców (2001). Jest trzecim co do wielkości miastem Kanady po Toronto i Montrealu. W 2010 miasto jest gospodarzem Zimowych Igrzysk Olimpijskich. Vancouver rozwinęło się jako miasto spośród wielu innych małych przystani, baz wielorybników i osad drwali zachodniego wybrzeża Kanady. Zadecydowało o tym dogodne położenie portu i poprowadzenie linii kolejowej. Również współcześnie port jest najważniejszym miejscem i sercem całej aglomeracji. Choć miasto nie jest stolicą Kolumbii Brytyjskiej, swoje siedziby ma w nim wiele biur administracji prowincji.

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