Zad podstawie podanych informacji napisz pytania i odpowiedzi dotyczące planów poniższych osób na najbliższy weekend.
1.Tom.He likes sport?
pyt._____________ odp.____________
2.Vicky.she feels exhaused after a hard week at school.
3.Laura and Ben.Thez love being with friends.

zad 2.Wstaw past,across,through,into.
George invited us to his birthday party.We were surprised becouse he didn't really like us.He gave us the instructions of how to get to his place.So,we went 1)___________ the church and then 2)__________ the river.Next,we went
3)_________ a dark forest where we saw an old and small house.When we walked 4)_________ the house,we saw a note:''Just a joke-you know I don't like you!Have a nice journey back.George."



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Do you like sport?
odp. Yes, I like
2. How do you feel after school?
odp I feel really exhaused
3. Laura, who is your love?
odp My love is Ben

1 across
2 through
3 into
4 past