I woke up in the night. I had to go to toilet. When I was passing my kitchen I saw something. At first I thought it was my kitty Marcel. When I got closer it turned out to be a scary ghost. He had no face and bleeding arms. I was so shocked that I fell down the stairs and blacked out. I woke up in the hospital with broken legs and rips. It was horrible night.

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The sad ghosts!
My parents bought a house in Scotland and, one day, I saw two ghosts!
I was in my room when I saw them. First, I saw a man. He was standing next to the window. Then I saw a woman. She was sitting on the bed. They were very sad, so it wasn't scary. I spoke to them, but they didn't speak to me. After that, they discappeared and I didn't see them again. The naxt day, I read a story at the library. Many years ago, a family lived in our house. The parents died and their daughter stayed in the house with her aunt. I often see the sad ghosts, but I'm never frightened. I know that they're looking for theri daughter.