• Użytkownik Zadane
So again this weekend somebody asks me my favorite Shakespeare play, and again I give my standard answer, "No favorite, they're all good for different reasons." But she wants to argue it with me, saying I must have a favorite. I point out that if you ask me what I think the best play is I will say King Lear, but that I have read The Tempest to my children as a bedtime story and had my 3yr old quote it back to me, and that offers a value that I can't get anywhere else. They are different.

I've decided to change my approach. Now, when somebody asks me that question and does not take my honest answer, I'm going to name random Shakespeare plays and see what sort of response I get. "Favorite play? Oh, gotta be All's Well That Ends Well. Do you know it? Great stuff." Be interesting to see if I get anybody who actually wants to pursue the question after that. :)
My favourite Shakespeare play is Romeo i Julia.