Napisz prostą historyjkę po angielsku w czasie past simple i past continous - min. 150 słów używając wyrażeń takich jak "Then,After that, next, finally" rozpoczynając od zdania: "It was happened 5 years ago.." bardzo bym pilnie potrzebowala . .



It happened about 3years ago, when I was invited to the party of my friend. Firstly, I was really excited because I had heard that It would be party on the pool, with drinks, barbecue and a big number of games. So I found my swimsuit, and next took a little present for friend and went to the party.
I wanted to suprise everybody and I went into the party without casual clothes, only in swimsuit. After that, everybody was looking at me in strange way. I was very suprised because everybody was wearing casual clothes. I was really ashamed but after that it turned into, that my friend forgot to tell me about the fact that the pool was closed, and disguising was called off. I was really amused. Finally, everybody were laughing at me. Then I decided that I wouldn't go alone to such party again. It was the worse day in my all life.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It happened 5 years ago. I was walking through the park when I saw a small dog. There weren't any people around me. The dog was alone. I phoned my parents and we decided that I should take the dog to our home and find the dog's owner.
Next day when I was printing a notice about the dog to put it up in neighbourhood I heard shouting. Someone was calling the dog! I opened window and I said that the dog is here. People were really happy that they found their pet. It was hard for me to part with this sweet small animal but I knew that I'm not the owner. The owners promise that we'll meet again. Fortunatly, they were our new neightboors. I was so happy when I heard that! It meant that I could see George (the dog has name - George, isn't it nice?) every day!
After this event I loved animals and my parents bought me a dog too. I named it Georgia. Now, I and my neightboors are walking to park every day tougether with our dogs. :)
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