This is a book .
Is it an apple ?
This isn`t a chair.
This are a windows.
Are they an atlases ?
this aren`t a guitar .
This is a pensil .
iS this a nootbook ?
this isn`t an eye .
This is a computer .
1. This is your book and that is mine.
2. That is not your desk. Yours is over there.
3. Their house is very big, but ours is much bigger.
4. This toy belongs to me. It's mine!
5. Is that your cat? Is that cat yours?
6. Ours car is much expensive thay yours...
7. Do you know, what is his name?
8. This is theirs elephant!
9. These pens are mine.
10. Do you like ours new house?


liczba pojednyncza
1 OSOBA mine
2 OSOBA yours
3 OSOBA his, hers, its

liczba mnoga:
1 OSOBA ours
2 OSOBA yours
3 OSOBA theirs
My sister like ice cream.
Your uncle is teacher.
Her name is Ola.
His can play football.
I see his a car.
Its' s his new addres.
Our sister has got his books.
It's their teacher.
I can talk with her.
I's isn't her jacket.