Ułóż pytania do zaznaczonych części zdania:zaznaczyłam je w takie o:|...|
1.Alice and her boyfriend sometimes walk|to the park|
2.He`s going |to read books | today
3.|Last week| you visited your grandmother in Warsaw.
4.She likes |shopping and going out with her friends|
5.I think |she is dancing now on her ballet leson.|
6.She usually has |coffe |in the morning.
7.Oh, yesterday he was |at home| in the evening.
8.Well,she will have |a very big hause with a garden| in the future.
9.It` |mine|.
10. My brother studied literature| becouse he wents to be a writer|.



1)Where allice and her boyfriend walk?
2) What is he going to do?
3)When you visit your grandmother?
4)What is she like doing?
5)What is she doing now?
6)What is she has in the morning?
7)Where did he was yesterday?
8)What will she has in the future?
9) Who's this book?
10)Why he is studing literature?
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1.Where Alice and her boyfriend sometimes walk ?
2.What is he going to do today?
3.When I visit my grandmother in warsaw?
4.What does she like?
5.What is she doing now?
6.What she usually has in the morning?
7.Where he was yesterday?
8.What she wants to have in the futre?
9.Whom is it?
10.Why your brother studied literature?
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1. Where sometimes do Alice and her boyfriend walk?
2. Where is he going today?
3. When did you visit your grandmother in Warsaw?
4. What does she like to do?
5. What is she doing now in your opinion?
6. What usually does she has in the morning?
7. Where did he was yesterday in the evening?
8. What will she have in the future?
9. Is it yours? / Who is this?
10. Why did your brother study literarure?

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