Pilne !! Kto mogłby mi napisac list formalny? (poniedziałek)

Plan a formal letter to Ms Weatherby making a reservation. Include this information:
-the dates of your stay and the number of guests/rooms
-correct some information you gave on the phone, e.g. one friend is a vegetarian (and the hotel needs to know this)
-request a brochure or leaflet, if the hotel has one
-make an additional request or instruction
PS. 120-150 słow



Dear Ms Weatherby
I am writing to make an official reservation and to determine the details of our order. Our company finally decided to organize training of our employees and now we know all of the details.
Training will begin 02/04/2010 and will last for three days. The guest will arrive at 9 am. During this time we will need two apartments and 6 single rooms. We also would like to order a banquet on the last day.
I have to correct some information I gave on the phone – one of our guest is vegetarian and second is unfortunately disabled. I think, the hotel needs to know this.
In additional I would indicate that our previous findings on the reservation swimming pool are outdated. Director resigned from that idea, but our company would like to order 10 brochures of the hotel for our guests.
Yours sincerely,

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