Moim zdaniem najciekawszy zawód to sport...bardzo czesto spotykam ludzi ktorzy wlasnie go uprawiaja...mozna biegac grac w siatke i robic inne ciekawe rzeczy....niewim jaki jest nieciekawy zawód...niech inni pomogą...
Interesting games are;
1. Medical-rescuer is a very interesting work, consisting of saving human life must be a good athletic and swim well, and is persistent mental in extreme situations.
2 National security
National security is a state achieved by appropriately organized to defend against threats using forces and resources from areas of the state. The modern world is not only a diversity of cultures, but also the complex political situation.
3.lekarz zwierzący is working for animal lovers to help animals, consisting of animal diseases, their prevention, treatment, hygiene, and protect people from zoonoses.
Games are boring;
1. teacher-based science education team. They give great satisfaction to those for whom learning may be a means to help others.
Psychology is the science society. Refers mainly to the younger generation, to which the educational activity should have the greatest impact. Not always the case, often the processes of education are faced with rebellion and rejection
2. philologist ready for it, that you will not only speak or write in that language, but also know its history, grammar and historical theory. Candidate for philological direction should be primarily interested in the language they want to learn. The popular talent is not necessary if the enthusiasm and ambition for success in this area are very strong. The more you know about the language of this science is more efficient, and above all enjoyable. Scholar does not need to be a teacher. International companies want to have people on your board perfectly know how to communicate with partners in different languages.
3. Social studies once believed that education received in this area means for the future arduous, low income job but social recognition. Today, many companies solidly profitable this type of specialist. Both large corporations and the average size of companies need professionals who know the rules of the various communities.