I have dinner
I play tennis
He plays the piano
She plays the gitaur
I go to school
They take the bus
You have breakfast
I play football
I like sport
I listen to the radio
He like ice cream
She go to the cinema
I go to the shop
There are five books
There is a pen
There are twelve pencils
There is a boy
There is a girl
There are two door
There is a bag
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I am nice.
I like swimm.
Stiven is tall.
She is a good student.
We like play the violino.
The book is interesing.
He is a pilot.
You are very beautiful.
I watching television.
My friends going at the party.
We work together.
She cooking dinner.
I have got a dog.
This is a cat.
I can sing.
You can't dances.
I' lucky.
They're my friends.
You are a scholgerls.
This is my haus.