Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Doctor : Come in, please. Take a seat. Name, please?
Sean : Sean McDougal.
D: Now, what seems to be the problem, Sean ?
S: I don't feel too well.
D: I see, what symptoms do you have ?
S: I have a terrible cough and a headache.
D: Have you taken your temperature ?
S: Yes, the thermometer reads 40 degrees.
D: It's pretty high . I need to examine you now. Take off your shirt. Breathe in deeply. Now breathe out. Open your mouth and say 'aaaaa'.
S: Aaaaaa. Is it serious doctor?
D: Don't worry, you'll be fine. It's just a small infection. Just take one tablespoon of this cough medicine three times a day after a meal. Here, take this prescription tothe chemist. Come and see me again next week, OK ?
S: OK. Thank you doctor. Good afternoon.

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- Good morning.
- Good morning. How are you?
- I'm ill. I have headache.
- Oh , yes. You must go to bed and sleep very long. It should will be good.
- Thank you . Goodbya.
- Goodbya.
-Come here
-Please, take a seat
-Thank you
-So, what is hurting you?
-Very hurt my throat
-Show me and tell "A"
-Is little red, so you have to buy tablets and lie.
-Ok, thank you
-No problem