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I usually spend my weekend in my house .
I get up at 9 o oclock . I often on saturday eat for breakfast scrambled eggs or sausage .I like it a lot.After breakfast I watch tv my favourite programme is discavery chanel and viva . .At 11 o clock I do my homework .I spend do my homework 2 hours .Later. I play witch my sister .She liks play hide-and-seek and when I make puppet show .
at 2 o clock my mum gives dinner .
my mum cooks marvellously .I like a lot spagethi and cutlet .After dinner
I play computer games.My parents and I often visit our friends on weekends In the evening I watch film J like comedy programme and movie action . I go to bed at 11 o clock :?:
"My last weekend"
I'm really outgoing teenager, so every weekend I spend my free time with friends. Unfortunately this weekend wasn't very interesting. I had a little fever and I had to be at home. I did my homework and I played my favourite computer game "The Sims 3". Apart from that,my grandparents visited us. I hope my next weekend will be better, and I will spend it with my BFFs.

mam nadzieję,że pomogłam. licze na naja
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My last weekend I spent in home with my family where I all the time played computer games, surfed on the Internet and watched films on the TV. On eveing my friends was visiting me and they invited me to a party. A party was really cool, I danced and I singing the song with my friends. This weekend was good for my, because I met a new people on the party;)
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