Zadanie 1.
1.bread, 2.butter, 3.sandwiches, 4.cereal, 5 eggs,6 pasta, 7.sausage, 8.ham, 9.tomatoes, 10.pear.
Zadanie 2.
1.I usually have sandwiches or cereal with milk.
2.Sometimes I eat eggs.
3.I often drink tea or juice.
4.I never eat fruits.
5.I never drink water.
Zadanie 3.
Countable: 1.sandwiches, 2.eggs, 3.sausage, 4.tomatoes, 5.pear.
Uncountable: 1.bread, 2.butter, 3.cereal, 4.pasta, 5.ham.
Zadanie 4.
1. trzeba wstawić "some"
2.trzeba wstawić "how much"
3.trzeba wstawić "any"
4.trzeba wstawić "how many"
5.trzeba wstawić "any"
Zadanie 5.
1.There is a little sugar in the bowl.
2.There isn't much water ni the bottle.
3.We've got a lot of food in the house.
4.There are only a few potatoes left.
5.They haven't got many vegetables in their garden.
Zadanie 6.
1.Squat down.
2.Bend over.
3.Strech your body.
4.Turn your body left and right.
5.Reach your ankle.
Zadanie 7.
1.I won't go to school, if I have sore throat.
2.Mr Scott will buy a new house, if he wins the lottery.
3.If the weather is fine, we will have a picnic in the park.
4.If Jeff buys the tickets, Kim will go to the pop concert with him.
Zadanie 8.
1.I will spend my weekend with my friends.
2.I will invite all my friends to my birthday party.
3.I'll go to the seaside next summer.
4.I won't cook Sunday dinner for myfamily.
5.I won't learn 100 new English words tomorrow.
6.I won't paint my room at the weekend.

Wszystko powinno być dobrze tylko nie byłam pewna tego ostatniego zadania :D.
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