Napisz straszną historię po angielsku. ma być słow od 120-180. użyj takich wyrażeń jak at that moment, quickly, immadietely, when itp. i do pomocy pytania na które odpowiedzi można użyć w tym wypracowaniu, ale nie trzeba: Who was the main character?, Were there any other people ivolved?, what was the scary invent?, where and when did the events take place?, how will the story end? na za godzinę :D z góry dzięki:)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It happened a long time ago on Halloween. I said to my friend that I'll not be scred of comming inside old castle but he wanted to see me when I'll be there. That's why we came inside. It was as dark as outside so we looked for a lamp to swich on but we found only candles and went upstairs. There was an empty room. I went inside and I saw a woman. She was old and pale. When I asked her for her name, I didn't hear any answer. Her eyes were red and when she smiled I saw that two of her teeth were long and sharp. So I asked "Granny why do you have such long teeh?". And she answered : "So I can bite into your neck". At first I thought that it was a joke but when she jumped at me I realised that she was serious. That's why I ran away and shouted: HELP!!! My only hope was that somebody would hear me...
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