Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On 25.05.2009 I went to years with his family on vacation. Time 9. Time to go. Me and my brother Michael were very pleased with this trip because it was our first trip since the first move to another city. The trip was wonderful. Together with his parents sang joyful songs up at last at one point broke down gps dad. We did not know how to drive, so my dad was guided by intuition. After a few minutes, we found that the astray in the great forest. It was terribly dark, and the forest was thick and lush. It was horrible. After a while my mother came out of the car because I look around. And at one point saw the bear. Mom immediately got into the car, and the bear was terrible and the car shook. knew that it was already late. My brother fell asleep. dad was in shock with her mother and I did not know what to do. at last I dropped the idea to fix gps. After several minutes of thinking I could naprowaić gps. I happily went home. It was an amazing experience.
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