Mein Freund ist 15 Jahre. Ich bin, weil ich die Art, wie freundlich und einfallsreich. Es hat interessante Ideen und nie mit ihr nicht. Kate langweilig ist eine schlanke Blondine mit blauen Augen. Viele von uns verbindet.
My friend have name Jennifer. She have 13 years. Jennifer is beautiful she have long hair and green eyes. Jennifer is high and inteligent. She is intelligent.
My girlfriend's name is Claire Donald. She's from Leeds, in the north of England. She's nearly sixteen, and she's studying hard this year for her GCSEs. She's studying Maths, French, English, Science, History, Art and Italian. She's very good at languages! Claire lives with her parents. Her brother Barney is a student at York University. He's living in York at the moment, but he lives at home in the holidays.

Jest trochę więcej niż 5 zdań, ale możesz sobie wybrac najlepsze. :D