Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular as years ago. but are they really useful? We check this!
Mobile phone has many adventages. Firstly you can easily and fast call police, an anbulance etc. in an emergency. It ca be reached and called at any time and can be taken anywhere. So you mayalmost always feel safely. Secondly you ca communicate for text sms. It is in fashion recently. In addition mobile phone could be use as a multimedia player, camera and play a game.
On the other hand there are lot of disadventages, too. Firstly not all can have a phone, because it is expensive to buy and you must pay for using it. What is more it can be damaged easily or it doesn`t work everywhere (signal). Mobile phone alsocan be annoying and target for pickpocket.
To sum up mobile phones are very useful, but they have disadvetage too. Hovever in my opinion people never give up for this.

Byłabym wdzięczna za najlepszą odpowiedź:)))
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