You are describing a day when sometching frightening,emazing or embarasing happened to you. Write what you say.

Remember to:
-say when the story happened, how you felt and why it was important
-use linking words, eg then, next, after that, finaly.
-use past continious to say what you were doing at the time.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was five years ago. I decided to participate in cycling race. I loved bike and I could race against each other but I didn't belive that I can win.
It was beautiful day. The Sun was shining, there was light wind. I went to place where the race was. I started. There were many people and my adversaries were really good. I was a bit stressed but I promise myself that I try to be perseveringly. It was important for me because I have never belive in myself and it'll help me to change thinking about me.
I was thinking about my training and I imaged that I am alone. I was riding when I saw that I had finished and I am first! It was so amazing. I was really happy and proud of myself! :)
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