Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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Kino’s baby stung a scorpion. Man, who was pearl diver, hadn’t got any money, he had only pearls. Next day Kino picked up huge oyster with enormuos pearl inside.Their nighbours were jealous and interested. At night when everyone were sleeping Kino heart noice. Someone wanted to get the pearl. When Kino got up ang ran someone hit him. He decided to took pearl to dealer, but everyone said that pearl is too big and ugly. He caould to get only 1500 pesos. Kino’s wife claimed that the pearl is evil and caould destroy them. But at night the group of man attacked him and he had to kill one man. They wanted to get away, but someone made a hole in their canoe. They hid in Kino’s brother house, becouse someone set fire his house. They went to mountains with baby, because they aimed to capital. During tramp they met a lt of dangeroous, so Kino decided to kil men, who shot to them. After he saw that the baby dead. They returned to their town and threw pearl into the sea.