2. when they have some questions about product which they need or going to buy

Because he's showing him something including with camcorder. Probably he's asking about camera's screen

in the picture I can see two men. One of them is a shop assistant
he's wearing blue shirt. The second men is a customer. He's wearing black shirt and glasses. Man are about thirty.
The customer is holding a camcorder. Probably he is asking him how to use a camcorder.
In the background i can see a desk and monitor.
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In the picture I can see two people. One in shop assistant and one is a customer. They are in shop. The customer hold a camera and show something for shop assistant. On the background I can see a computer.

1..What do you think the customer is asking the shop assistant about?
The customer is asking aobut support this camera.

2.When and why do shoppers need shop assistants' help?
Shoppers need shop assistant's help when they dont know how much does something cost.