Ask and answer.

Jack/visit the theatre ×/go to a record shop ∨

Did Jack visit the teathre?
No, he didn't.
Did he go to a record shop?
Yes, he did.

1.Ben/fall intro the river ∨/ jump intro the river ×
2.Tomek and Gabi/have a ride on the london Eye×/go on a cruise ∨
3. Laura/lose her camera ×/ take lost of photos ∨
4. the group/ laugh at Ben∨/ shout at him ×
5. Paula/see the accident×/ hear about it later∨

Now write sentences using the past simple.

Jack didn't visit the teatre. He went to a record shop.

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Did Ben fall inrto the river
Yes,he did.

Did Ben jump intro the river?
No,he didn't

2.Did Tomek and Gabriela have a ride on the London Eye?
No, they didn't

Did they go on a cruise?
Yes, they did.

3.Did Laura lose her camera?
No,she didn't

Did she take lost of photos?
Yes,she did

4.Did the group laugh of Ben?
Yes, they did.

Did the group shout at him?
No,they didn't

5.Did Paula see the accident?
No, she didn't

Did Paula hear about it later?
Yes, she did.

1.Ben didn't jump intro the river. He fell intro the river
2.Tomek and Gabi didn't have a ride on the London Eye.They went on a cruise.
3.Llaura didn't lose her camera. She took lost of photos.
4.The group didn't shout at him. They laughted at Ben.
5.Paula didn't see the accident. She heard about it later.

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