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Are money very important in our life?
We know that one of us have got everything and there are also people who are poor. When we've got money we think that we have everything what we always wanted: friends, good clothes, expensive cosmetics. Like many people are thinking, if we haven't money, we haven't anything. I think that money are important in our life, but we can't think only about this material thing. Poor people haven't a lot of money, but they can also be happy, but when "normal" people have to much money, than they start crazy with it and forget about this what is very important in life, like family, real friends and love. Money aren't the most important thing in life, that's in my opinion. But how we know, that isn't like that. Everybody or more people look at stan of your pocket.

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Money are important in our life. In my opinion there are also more important things like family, friends, love. When we have got money, we find also friends, who wants to be our best friends only for money, expensive clothes, the best parties and the most handsome men. What is really important in life? I think that will be our family and that what it's now. We have to be happy from this what we have. When there are money, it's really great, beacuse then we can buy everything, and we can correct our humour to better. But when we haven't money, that isn't end of the world, we can live the same but not so exstravagantly. It depends only from us how we perceive this.

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