One day Princess breakup with her boyfriend Dragon, which went for a month. The dragon comes from a good family, and the Wawel Royal Family loved him very much. Nobody knows, however, that it trades on the side of the sheep from the smuggling, transported to the Kingdom of the tragic conditions. Dragon princess begs to come back to him. When is denied, kidnaps her and closes in the cave with his sheep. Learns about the Knight, a neighbor of the Royal Family, to which nobody pays any attention. He finds a cave and gives the dragon fangs, then freed together with the Princess frees all sheep. The dragon is arrested by the police, and Knight shall pay to the house where the princess and asked her if she would want him to walk. Princess who loved a savior, that's right, and moved the King and Queen proclaim the happy ending.

xd to jest o smoku i księżniczce;P
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