Write questions. Use passive forms.
1. The microphone was invented in 1887. (When?)
2.The record was released in 1977. (When?)
3. Yesterday was sung by The Beatles. (Who?)
4. The charts are changed every week. (How often?)
5. Yes,records are still made. (Are?)
6. Records are used by DJs. (Who?)
7. Yes, CDs will be replaced soon. (Will?)



When was the microphone invented?
When was the record released?
Who was sung yesterday?
How often are the charts changed?
Are records still made?
Who use records? lub Records are used by who?
Will CDs be replaced soon?
1. Whe was the microphone invented?
2. when was the record released?
3.Who was Yesterday sung by?
4.How often are the charts changed?
5. Are records still made?
6. who is records used by?
7. will CDs be replaced soon?