Capital punishment is the most severe sentence which a criminal can hear in a courtroom. Therefore, the question whether it should be a permissible form of punishing people is a very controversial one. Necertheless, I will try to prove that death penatly is the best way to deter a man from committing a serious crime.
First of all, as I mentioned before, capital punishment is an effective deterrent and that is proved by the statistics from countries which apply this form of penalty. Legalising the punishment would make people aware of the seriousness of crimes they commit. A human being who would be conscious of the fact that a punishment for a particular offence exists, would think twice whether it is worth to commit it.
Moreover, people who have taken the life of another person, deprive themselves of the right to live. An eye for an eye says a famous saying. Executing a criminal after such an offence would recompense the family of the victim the loss of their relative.
On the other hand, the opponents of death penalty claim that a criminal should be given a chance to rehabilitate, to think over their deeds and try to change themselves. However, I cannot agree with this point of view. Prisons are full of serious criminals who have life-sentences. They do not work, the conditions in prisons are much better than the conditions in which many decent people live and it is not fair.
To sum up, death penalty is a good way out to punish criminals. However, I strongly believe that it should be applied only to murderers, especially the cruel and serial ones. And it should be proved beyond all doubt that the accused is guilty of a given crime.