Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello John!
What's up? I'm writting to explain you why I can meet you tommorow.
I know, that is for you very important, but I can't. My mom had just come back from 3-months journey to Spain. We haven't seen from this time. We can only speak by Skype or mobile phones. I'll go to the cinema or to the shopping center. I want spent some time with her, because she come only for one week.
You know? I have propossition. What about next monday? "Colplay" is coming to our town and I promise, I'll do everything to get the tickets. I know, that's your favourite music band!
I hope, you don't mind that's. I'm sorry you again. Greet your mom from me! I very like her! She makes delicious cheescake! :)
I will call you tomorrow to confirm our outout to the concert.
Hi John.
Than you for your invitation. I'm sorry but I can meet with you tomorrow because I became ill. I lie in my bed, I have a high temperature and a bad cough. I think that I will get well a week from today and we will meet. What about meeting the next Sunday at 7 o'clock?
Give my best wishes for your mum. I hope you don't fall out with me.
Write back soon, xxx