Napisać krótko o Polsce(lub innym kraju)
w tekście mają być informacje :
-the capital(stoplica)
-famous people(znami ludzie)
-fun activites(wolny czas)

Tekst ma być napisany po Angielsku. Ma to być zrobione w takiej formie
np.climate i ok.5 zdań o klimacie i potem np. the capital i ok. 5 zdań o stolicy itd z góry dziękuje



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

Population in Poland is around 38 milion. 97% of people are Polish. Other nations that live in Poland are German, Russian, Ukrainian, Bielarussian and many others like French, Italian, Greek or Slovakian. Polish people are rather intolerant to foreigners (obcokrajowcy).


In Poland people speak Polish. It is a very difficult language for foreigners to learn. It has a very difficult grammar. Polish people also learn other languages. English is the most popular one, but they also learn Greman, French, Spanish or Russian.


Polish climate is temperate (umiarkowany). Winters are snowy and cold. Sometimes temperature falls below - 20 degrees (spada poniżej 20 stopni). Summers are warm but often cloudy. Sometimes we have hot and sunny weather with temperature above 30 degrees. In Poland there are beautiful autumns which are called the Polish Golden Autumns.

The capital:

The capital of Poland is Warsaw. Warsaw is the biggest city in Poland. Its population is 1,7 milion people. It is an important city for culture, politics, economy and science. There are many historic monuments and tourist attractions. There are many sports clubs and a lot of entertainment. It has great universities and it is easy to find a job in Warsaw.

Famous people:

The most famous Pole was Jan Paweł II the Pope. Lech Wałęsa, the former president of Poland is also very famous. He got the Nobel Prize. We have many famour writers: Wisława Szymborska, Czesław Miłosz or Writers who died a long time ago like Henryk Sienkiewicz or Adam Mickiewicz. We also have famous models, actors and singers.


There is a famous Polish legend about a dragon who lived in Wawel in Kraków. He ate young women. People were afraid of him and a young shoemaker made a sheep. He put sulphur into the animal and gave it to the dragon. When dragon ate the sheep it exploded. Now the city is free from the monster and tourist can see the dragon's monument in Wawel.

Fun activities:

People can visit famous cities like Warsaw, Kraków or Gdańsk. Tourists can spend time on beaches at the seaside. There is also a possibility to go to the mountains, especially in winter. People can ski there. In Poland there are many theatres, cinemas, operas and sports halls.
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