Napisz pracę o ulubionej aktorce/piosenkarce.
co w niej lubisz, dlaczego i kilka słów o niej.
praca nie może być krótka , ale za długa też nie.

ja wybrałam Beyonce.
mam nadzieje, że ktoś mi pomoże ;)



Music is my passion. Everyday I have my mp4 with me. I used to listening pop and r'n'b. My favourite singer is Beyonce Knowles.
The first time I heard her song, when I went to 5 class. That was "Crazy in love" From this time, Beyonce is the best singer for me. I have her all CD's : "Dangerously in love" "B-day" and "I am...Sasha Fierce". Beyonce born in 1891 in Houston, so now she is 30 years old. She has a husband , Jay-Z, who is singer too. She is tall dark-skin woman. Of course, she is beautiful! She had long brown hair. Long ago, Beyonce was one of the group "Destiny's Child". She never were in Poland, but I were on her concert in USA. It was amazing! I have her autograph! My favourite song is "Single ladies" and "Sweet dreams". My biggest dream is to meet her in cafe' and talk with her ;)

PS. Również bardzo lubię Beyonce ^^