Write a love story with no happy -end. W czasie Past Simple /Past Continous.
z tymi wszystkimi wrazami !
-to fall in love with someone
-to get married somenone
-to meet someone
-to go out with someone
- to split up someone
to get engaged to someone out
-to ask someone out
-to have an argument with someone

wszystko po angielsku nic nie trzeba tlumaczyc !



Martha met Tom during her holidays in Greece. She was having a great time on a Greek beach. The sun was shining and the weather was terrific. She was lying on a hot sand in her bikini when suddenly she saw him getting out of the sea. He was a tall, well-built and very handsome man. He had long dark curly hair and he was well-shaved. He had a perfect tan. She froze when he looked at her and started walking in her direction. When he smiled showing his perfectly white teeth, Martha couldn't believe that he was smiling at her! They were chatting for a few minutes and then Tom asked her out in the evening. Martha was wondering why he had decided to go out with her when she was trying on dozens of dresses for the date. Finally, she put on a short red dress and sandals. They met in a small romantic cafe. He was on time. When Martha saw him, she knew that she had already fallen in love with him. After the first date they met a couple of times when unexpectedly Tom asked Martha to marry him. They got engaged a month after that first chat on the beach. Tom didn't want to wait for their wedding and they got married soon after the engagement. However, it wasn't the end of the story. After the wedding it appeared that Tom only wanted her money. They had their first argument a week after the wedding. Martha was desperately trying to save their marriage but Tom had never loved her. They split up two months after the wedding.