The legend of how the Hungarian princess by the Polish Wieliczka salt was discovered. Kinga shortly before her marriage to Boleslaw Chaste lost their engagement ring in one of the Hungarian mines. St. King making him the Polish queen wanted to give something unique to his subjects. When the command dug wells in the castle near Wieliczka salt found a lump in her lost ring.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Setting out toward zaślubinom with Prince Princess King Boleslaw wianie received from the Hungarian king, his father, one of the mines in Transylvania from the salt bed. Farewell to the homeland to the shaft of the mine threw her engagement ring as a sign of taking its possession. There would be nothing special in this administration, if not for an event that occurred several days later during a stop in a dignified procession of Bochnia.

Licze na NAJ!!!
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