Proszę pomóżcie mam napisać pracę domową ale nic z tego nie kumam Read the advert for the First Class School of English on page 19.Follow the instructions below and write am email to the school.Use Train Your Brain and the expression from Speak Out on page 19 to help you.
"if there are still places in the Pre-Intermediate group at the moment.
"how much the course costs.
"how many students there are in the group.
"if the school can help you with accommodation.
Proszę pomóżcie :(



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I am writing this mail to you because I intend to present for you reklame concerning the course in the English. We are teaching very quickly and effectively. At present in our group is finding sie 40 persons which aren't complaining for classes but just the opposite sa content. And your school can help us with the expansion of our company encouraging schoolboy to common to the cooperation. A cost of such a course is 50 euro monthly. We are inviting cordially

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I'm writing in reference to the advert for the First Class School of English which I found in a newspaper. I have a few questions concerning the school.
First of all, I would like to know whether there are still places in the Pre-intermediate group. I wish to join this particular group. I also want to ask how much the course costs.
I am interested in the number of students in the group. How many students are there in each group?
I come from Poland and I do not have any place to stay in England. I wonder if school can help me with finding accommodation.
I am looking for your reply.

Best regards

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