Hi xxx!
Greetings from hot Italy. The town where I live is called Lidi Adriano. The westher's fantastic. There is a big beach and a clean sea. Every day I sunbathe and play volleyball. In the evenings I go to a disco. I met a nice boy. His name is Ivo. I'm coming back next weekend.
See you soon.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Liza,
Regards form Zakopane. I am here on holiday with my parents. We live at the hotel next to Krupówki. From our windows we can see beautiful mountains. The hotel is really nice, I love the food! The only one thing which I don't like is noise. I still hear cars, loud voices of tourists. I am very sorry that You are not here with me.
I hope we will meet soon.
Yours xyz
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