Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Yesterday I watched very interestin film.
2 Days Ago I walked to my aunt.
I linstened to teke roch music.
Week ago I played with my brother in computer games.
Yesterday I studied to my english test.
Mounth ago I visited my nephew.
I washed my teeth moment ago.
I tried to repare this bike.
I cooked a cucamber soup.
I worked on my laptop.

Prosze :)
I watched a tv on monday.
I walked to my school everyday.
We listened to the music in my room.
They played the violin.
I stydied in high shool musical.
We visited my grandpa .
I washed cookware in the evening.
I tried to tell to you good luck.
We cooked dinner yesterday.
I worked day after day, beacuse I must make a living.
I watched interested film.
I walked with my friend
I listened my favourite song
I played valleyball with my school team
I studied maths
I visited my grandma
I tried making a cake
I cooked dinner
I worked in school