Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My brother is taller than my sister.
My father is older than my mother.
My sister is shorter than me.
My brother is faster than my sister.
My mother is taller than me.
My father is the tallest in my family.
My sister is the shortest in my family.
My sister is the youngest in my family.
My grandfather is the oldest in my family.
My grandmother is taller than my brother.
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1.My mother is smaller than my father.
2.my sister is bigger than my brother.
3.I am smaller than my dog.
4.New York is bigger than Poland.
5.My dog is more beautiful than my cat.
6. The mountians is more popular than sea.
7. My aunt is easer than my father.
8. My father is more dangerous than my sister.
9. Color blue is more beautiful than color black
10. My school is bigger than my house.
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