There is a TV set in the room.
There are two chairs in the kitchen.
There are twenty pupils in the classroom today.
There is a bird on the tree.
There is an one window in the room.
There is someone at the front door.
There is not enough meat in my aunts fridge to prepare dinner.
There are three oranges on the plate.
There is some money on the floor.
There is some ice cream in the fridge.
2 5 2
There is a park.
There is an Internet cafe.
There is a pub.
There is a post office.
There is a music shop.
There are some shops.
There are some interesting places.
There are some big shopping centres.
There are sometimes famous actors in the restaurants.
There are some exclusive shops.

2 5 2
1.There is a lot of books in library.
2.There is a snow out there.
3.There is a big spider on your desk.
4.There is a funny guy behind you.
5.There is nothing to say.
6.There is great net club.
7.There is the box with matches.
8.There is pink hat for our show.
9.There is website with funny photos.
10.There is happy end in this movie.

1. There are three different cars.
2. There are places to relax.
3. There are moments when you must focus.
4. There are much informations than you know
5. There are many things to do on Sunday.
6. There aren't nice places for you kid.
7. There are ten rooms booked.
8. There are four desks and no chair.
9. There are people who know everything about war.
10. There are wood for our table.
1 5 1