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Underline the correct world.

1 I slowly/slow walked towards the door.
2 She looked really beautiful/beautifully in her new outfit.
3 He is a dangerous/dangerously driver.
4 I could easy/easily understand him when he spoke in French.
5 This is a very noisy/noisily class.
6 They happily/happy accepted my help.
7 She speaks English very good/well.
8 Is this toy safe/safely for a five-year-old child?
9 Tom is a very kind/kindly child.
10 She got up and left the room quiet/quietly.


Proszę pomóżcie!!!



1. slowly
2. beautifully
3. dangerous
4. easy
5. noisy
6. happily
7. well
8. safely (nie jestem pewna)
9. kind

Przepraszam więcej nie mogę zrobić, bo nie mam tej książki.
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