I had never imagined I would see myself on the news! Why I was on the news anyway? I will tell you. It was beautiful Monday morning. I had winter holidays so I thought I will go with my friend Sylwia to the mall to buy some new clothes. I was going to her house to pick her up. I was walking down the park. I had a lot of time. In the park there is a little lake. Sometimes there are swans and ducks swimming in the water. Sometimes also you can see some fishermen's trying to catch a fish. They are fishing in the summer but you can see some in the witer to. They are breaking the ice on the lake to have a posibility to fish. When I was walking through the park like I said it befour, I saw a fisherman. Suddenly I heard some scream. The ice under the man broke into pieces and he fell into the cold water. I didn't know what to do. In seconds I thought : I must help this man. I jumped on the frozen lake and ran to that man. I stopped in the place where he fell. I layed down becouse I couldent't fell like him into the water. The man was holding his arms above the water so I grabed his hand and pulled him out. The man was all wet and he was freezing. I called the police and for the ambulance. I waited with him. I gived him my jacket to warm him up somehow. The ambulance and police arrived. And also arrived the group of people from the television news. They wanted to talk with me. The said I'm a hero and I saved that man's live. I told them that I did what everybody would do in that moment and it was natural. That was why I was on the evening news. :)