Os1:Do you want to watch tv ?
os2:Sure. what do you want to watch ?
os1:I don't konow.what's on tv tonight ?
Have you got the tv guide ?
os2:Here it is.let's have a look.right.what time is it ?
os1:It's five past six.we missed ____ .that started at six
os2:I hate watching it.It's always so sad and they only tell you about the bad things that happen in the world.There's a________ ________BBC2 _______7 o'clock.It's about Egypt and the pyramidys.
os.1:What's _____ BBC1 and ITV ?
os2:Well,_____half past seven there's Eatenders ______BBC1.
os1:Oh I love that programme.
os2:I don't like those programmes.Nothings ever happens in _______.You only watch what other people do every day.They're really__________-the same thing happens every day.
os.1:OK.What's _______ ________ 8 o'clock?
os2:There's a_________with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore _____Chanel 4.
os1:Great.I really like ________films.
os2:Sorry you can't watch it.There's a __________ _________ ITV 1 ________8 'clock and it's Newcastele United playing against Chelsea.

________ -mijsca na brakujące wyrazy dla tych co nie wiedzą xd

Uzupelnij dialog,podanymi wyrazami :
romantic,the news,borig,(on x6),sports programme,(at x4),soap operas,film,documentary



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Wg luk w tekście:

1. the news
2. documentary
3. on
4. at
5. on
6. at
7. on
8. soap operas
9. boring
10. on
11. at
12. film
13. on
14. romantic
15. sports programme
16. on
17. at
2 5 2