Mam prośbę czy by ktoś napisał mi opowiadanie tak na półtory strony(kartka A5)o jakieś historii tematyka kryminalna bym chcial zeby bylo w niej troche strzelania ale i tez dobre zakonczenie prosze o szybka odpowiedz prosze pomozecie??



In the opening rebounds Crime perfect "hero kills gburowatego newsagent and then married a saleswoman, who replaced Denat. "People say that the couple had lived together happily ever after." Perhaps the perfect crime, but the story unnecessary.
Then Hanna Samson and "a few days in the life of a housewife." Excuse me, but I'm overwhelming impression that the author's question of "shaven pussy" seems to be more important than the plot itself criminal.
Krzysztof Besk in "Legionnaires' disease is" cleverly constructed plot, and in solving the riddle refers to the wartime past. Reading is before the eyes Zbik and "Holy" and that's very good memories, the author should be congratulated that he wrote a piece dealing with prose.
"Vienna" Isabella Szolc and "The Little Country House Bohdan Slawinski are perhaps the sophisticated literary, but completely lacking in their criminal meat.
"An excellent bait" Zyta Rudzka in turn saves a good punch line.
Great "Mleczaki" David Kornagi show plot and stylistic affinity with his great novel "Local anesthesia". KORNAGA draws vivid portraits of some representatives of various professions, seasoned them a large dose of pastiche and tied neatly around their criminal intrigue. This is one of the bright points of this anthology.
"We all have secrets, my dear ..." Antoinette Turnau obviously refers to Agatha Christie detective atmosphere, but this is not a complaint, because the author treated the subject with a large dose of irony and cleverly coped with this Convention. Even if at the end of the poison called clumsy "one substance, the name flew from my head."
The whole is topped Bogdan Loebl and his "half apple" in which he brutally cracking down on the pathological male-male relationships. Only that in the "Mid-apples" too little juice and pulp ...
This short (too short) book will enable you to maybe spend a nice evening - just so much and so many. Not enough, however reading shocks and neat intrigue to satisfy the canister detective. It is true that the form of short story author involves little hands, but not necessarily curb his imagination.

nie wiem czy to jest na 1,5 strony ;)