Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I am in heavenly chamber (peace). There is so pinkly here, so … so … so puszysto. Describe willingness mums, my diary beloved < love >, yesterday it has met that I. There was hour 6.66. Each knows, that it is 59 minutes only, but this time all watches have taken into consideration 7 minutes more. It knew nobody, that happens ! Suddenly < snap > land (earth) happens begin shake (shiver). Whole my family has run away from house, but I become (stay) inside of building . They have forgotten all about I. I wanted to go down down the stairs, but I have stumbled against shoes, which (who) lay on balkony circle of entrance (entry) and down the stairs stoczyłam. There was nightmare! I thought, that there will be my personal end of world and I feared , that never I will open eyes already. On legs be mistaken (mislead) … stand up, I have corrected blouse and I have gone for close. When I have been placed outside, I have survived shock! Everything prophet predicted so as, that to lava live convert (exchange; turn into)! It did not know, that happens ! Why everything there is lava begin weeping …, I only not? Buildings burned influenced by warmth. I have stood on street skrawku, from all sides which (who) was enclosed (enclosed with) liquid żarem. Round has been built (has been created) around I … there was something amazing -! In spite of it, that then, it awfully curious fear – today issue (seem) me very. Round Owy, on which (who) towards mountain (top) become (stand) begin bring up (come up). I have observed, that I flew for sky. Suddenly < snap > I have gone down from broken away asphalt come (threatened) whiteness … brightness … and I have run to unknown. I have noticed (have remarked) in certain moment my close, neighbors and other people. I was felt incredibly well < goods (right) >. To shoulders of mummies Wtuliłam. Then, < sweat > everything we have told and as it happens, that it has been occurred each just, that me. There were memorable moments. I be glad , that end of world was not such tragic.
I was a princess.
I looked a caster.
It was nice and beatiful.
My mum was queen
I had a big, pink room.