Albert Einstein was born on Friday 14 March 1879, at 11:30 am in the house at Bahnhofstrasse B, No. 135 situated in the city of Ulm in Württemberg in southern Germany. His mother was Pauline Einstein (née Koch) and his father Hermann Einstein. Both were Jews. Hermann traded quilts, until his brother Jacob are not persuaded him to the common assumption factory producing gas installations and plumbing. In 1881 the family moved to Munich, where he was undertaking, there is a November 18, 1881, she gave birth to Mary, only sister of Einstein.
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Albert Einstein was born on Friday, March 14, 1879 rw Ulm in Württemberg, situated on the south Niemiec.Albert first came in contact with science, when he was five years. His father showed him a compass, which had an effect on the Alberta deep and lasting impression. At that time, Albert began his studies at home. Because his mother was a player, Albert at age six he began to learn violin. Lessons to fetch the age of thirteen, and later played for the old age. In 1886, he began to attend school, where he was one of the best established physics uczniów.Po two sets of rights for the world of macro and the micro-world of quantum mechanics, Einstein spent a fruitless search for Grand unification theory. Gradually, at the same time withdrew from mainstream science and in the opinion of many scientists, "squandered the second half of life."
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