Yesterday's day
>wczorajszego dnia :)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was a cold spooky evening when I was walking my dog but then my dog run into forest chasing a rabbit, I loved him so I run for him, I got lost, I was trying to get out of forest for about 2hours, I looked at my watch, it was nearly midnight, I forgot about mydog, I ran for my life, I was running about half an hour now, but then I saw something, I ran to wards it, it was my dog, he was fine but...
he had like bite mark on his neck,I ignored it, he always known the way back home so I walked with him, but he got me to a pond, I thought he wanted some water, he walked towards it and then he barked like he never did I saw something in the forest...
it was a warewolfs! they surraound me, then my dog bit me in neck... I was a warewolf when I walked up! noooooooooo!